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State-of-the art membranes for virus retention

Ultrafiltration is a membrane filtration process in which  a liquid is transmitted through a membrane by applying pressure.

NOK‘s Ultrafiltration hollow fibres membranes are available in ranges starting from 20 nanometer.  The hollow fibre pore sizes are much smaller as compared to Microfiltration. Therefore, the 20 nanometer hollow fibre membranes remove bacteria, viruses, proteins and other undissolved particles.

The different virus types

Our Ultrafiltration capabilities

NOK UF Membranes are able to pass NSF P231 guidelines.

High Log reduction values (LRV) of the membrane enable to retain for example MS 2 phages and other viruses.

Our UF membranes operate in “death end” mode. This means no water is wasted during the filtration process. Apart from that mineral contents are maintained and are not filtered out.

Flowrates of a standard Ultrafiltration module